This is the profile page of one of the bakery vendors. It just contains some basic info about that bakery, that baker and their participation with the market.

The page includes a link to this vendor’s Separate Website, which is  as a sub-domain of the market site.

If the vendor leaves the market and stops paying rent… the market can redirect that vendor’s Separate Website BACK to THIS PAGE. In short, if they stop paying rent… they no longer have their own site.

Many of the vendors will decide that they want their own site independent of the market entirely. In that case… the market simply links to their website. VENDORS WHO PREFER TO PURCHASE SEPARATE HOSTING CAN STILL PARTICIPATE IN THE PROJECT AND RECEIVE HELP WITH THEIR SITE.

This picture links to a working demonstration of that vendor’s Separate Website. INCLUDED: A SHOPPING CART–A COMPLETE ONLINE STORE. That store (and the whole website) is separately owned and managed by the individual vendor… not the market.