It is NOT certain that the project will happen.

The person offering the project is keke Jones. keke grew up in GP and would like to do something Cool and Good for his hometown.

  • keke is NOT moving to GP and is NOT soliciting to begin a business in GP.
  • in fact… keke WILL get on a plane in the fall and leave the country.
  • keke IS talking with service providers so that local help will be available after the project is complete.
  • keke has worked professionally as: Systems Engineer. Network Engineer. Digital Marketer.
  • keke DOES NOT ordinarily hire out to make websites.
  • keke would like you to use the photographs. They are a gift. We can do more of them.
  • In casual conversation… people who are NOT in GP LOVE THIS IDEA AND WANT TO SEE IT.

100 Businesses. 100 Websites. 100 Days.


If you have A FEAR about The Project, know this: NO ONE WILL BE MAKING ANYONE DO ANYTHING. I am almost a volunteer. You will be a volunteer, too. It would be OK if you simply hide your eyes and Don’t Look!

If you have questions or doubts… please try to keep in mind that The Project is approximately a minimum wage job. The Project is Good… and it is Cool… but if it requires dozens and dozens of phone calls then time spent may prompt me to move on without doing it.

Thanks so much!